Redwing FR Coverall Nomex® IIIA
[Redwing FR C]

Redwing FR Coverall Nomex® IIIA
MATERIAL: Nomex® IIIA, (Quality 00), FR 93% Nomex®/5% Kevlar/2% Carbon, 4.5 oz/yd²/150 g/m² SIZES: 32-70 Regular INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: EN ISO 11612,EN 1149-5 COLORS: Red DESCRIPTION: This coverall features raglan sleeves for easy movement, seven pockets for functionality and all stress points on pants are bar-tack reinforced for strength. 2" reflective FR striping added for better visibility and safety. Garments with reflective striping applied to shoulders is equal in length on the front and back. FEATURES: Tool pocket on right leg Two chest pockets Elasticized waistband Two back pockets Two side pockets Permanent stitched-in front pleat Concealed 2-way, heavy duty YKK brass zip with metal snap closure
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