Granberg 115.9007 Impact Gloves
[Granberg 115]

Granberg 115.9007 Impact Gloves
115.9007 360° Cut 5 Gloves with Typhoon® and Impact Protection Typhoon® fiber with sandy nitrile coating, oil resistant. Very comfortable and flexible heavy-duty gloves. Typhoon® provides excellent cut 5 protection. Powerful impact protective details on back of hand. Designed for optimum ergonomics. Abrasion-resistant sandy nitrile palm coating provides exceptional grip. Excellent breathability. Suitable for: Extreme working conditions for oil and gas drilling, extraction and refining | Mining | Demolition | Rigging | Heavy construction | Tool pushing etc. Design protected, and protected by patents in several countries. International WIPO patent DM/086865. Australia patent pending. Cut level: 5 Standard: EN 388, 420 Category: II Sizes: 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 Length:24-28 CM Material: Typhoon®/Nitrile
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