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SAFETY EQUIPMENTS The first 3 letters in workplace safety is "YOU". We believe so and 've geared ourselves to provide Personal/ workforce protection/safety equipment such as:

Ear Protection - Ear plugs, Ear Muffs
Head Protection - Hard Hats or Tough Hat (HDPE or ABS), Tough hat with face shields.
Face Protection - Face Shields, Dust Mask with and without valve
Eye Protection - (from grinding, chipping, UV,IR) - The REDWING range of Safety Eyewear, Chemical splash eyewear, Welding Safety Eyewear and Welding Shields.
Hand Protection - Kevlar, cut resistant and leather gloves.

Nitrile and Neoprene Industrial Gloves: Safeskin /
Kleenguard* range of gloves with our patented purple colour serve the purpose from general purpose gloves to cut resistant gloves. These gloves have excellent grip, fitand have excellent dexterity. Gloves are available in different sizes.

Feet Protection - The REDWING range of safety shoes and Rigger Boots, ESD Safety Shoes with Steel toe, Electric Shock proof shoes, Chemical resistant shoes
Respiratory 1(Filtering) - FFP1 , FFP2 & FFP3 Masks, Half facepiece respirators with dual cartridge , single cartridge for Amonia, Organic Vapours, Acids, Gases, Full facepiece respirators of Neoprene Rubber with Cannister.
Respiratory 2(Pressure) - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Karam - range of Fall Protection Products - Full Body Harness, Fall Arrestor, Anchorage Rope.
Chemical Splash Protection, Ventillation Protection, Wind Protection
Industrial Hazard Protection - Safety Showers For Eye Protection, Fire & Rescue Protection, .Safety Signs N Slogans ,
Water Rescue - Life jackets, life buoys
Gas Detectors
Equestrain Products - Safetix Harness, Riding & Saddlery.
The Kimberly-Clark's range of Workplace products:
Wipers : General Purpose, WYPALL* - Wipers are an ideal product to replace your manufactured rags - cloth towels, cotton wastes or rags. The general purpose wipers are highly absorbent and are made from HYDROKNIT* Technology. Available in different formats: flat sheet, roll format and quarter fold format.
KIMTEX* Wipers - A poly-propylene construction wiper used for surface preparation and parts cleaning for its excellent absorbency with oil and other solvents.
Industrial Soap: KIMCARE* - Industrie* NTO with Grit, a post work cream Contains environmental friendly polymer grit to help remove oil, grease and grime. Can be used with or without water. Is available in different dispensing formats: 200 ml bottle and 5 litre bottle

The Kimberly Clark range of Washroom products include :

  • Soap Dispenser Systems (Hand Wash System)
  • The unique pump and vacuum pouch system delivers soap without clogging, leaking and dripping to the last drop. Thereby reducing the wastage and maintenance of the dispenser as you would not like to invest in dispensers in short span of time.
  • Hand Towel Dispenser System (Hand Dry System)
  • Hygienically dispenses paper towels, one at a time- all the time due to its high capacity and low cost in use. It is the most hygienic way to wipe hands which is also a global phenomenon and is far better than using cloth or hand dryers.
  • Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser System
  • Holds up to 20 regular bathroom rolls, reducing risk of run outs and stub roll waste. A very unique and economic solution for the high usage places. Since you don't use your hands to cut paper thus its customer friendly.
  • Personal seat cover Dispenser System
  • A unique dispenser that dispenses hygienic personal seat covers to protect you from contaminated toilets seats. A unique solution to the practical problem faced by a hygiene sensitive person and an exclusive product that separates the class washroom from the mass one.
  • Micromist Room Freshener
  • Fully programmable and comes with a 1 year replaceable GUARANTEE (exclusively given by us). Comes in 3 fragrances and is ethanol solvent - world's safest material to be used in aerosol refills. This makes the refills absolutely safe for pregnant women and people with lung diseases.
  • Hygienic Bathroom Tissue - A Contemporary substitute for Toilet Paper
  • The enclosed design of dispenser protects the stored, unused Bathroom Tissue from dirt, dust and contamination. One at a time dispensing system ensures users use only what is required, eliminating wastage, misuse and pilferage. Not only are these tissues very economical but of consistent size and quality and are biodegradable too.

The Industrial scene has changed a lot and everywhere there is more emphasis on personal protection and the work force is much more aware in this regard. We provide a wide range of products to cater to the needs of various industries. Interaction with industries of varied nature has helped to develop products for almost all possible requirements. Today the company can boast of a reputation of being second to none, not only in the range of products but also for quality and effectiveness in use.


Our attitude and philosophy here is to provide this as a goodwill service, which we hope, will bring us goodwill in return. We look forward to developing business relations with your esteemed organization.
Yours truly,

Jennifer Nazareth
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